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“Pest Management: Meeting Force Health Protection Challenges and Supporting the Global Security Mission


2007 DoD Pest Management Workshop



Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, Florida

February 12 - 16, 2007


Sponsored by the

Armed Forces Pest Management Board

Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense

(Installations and Environment)

Washington, D.C.


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Sunday, February 11


1330               Board Certified Entomologist Examination (must have pre-registered with the

                       Entomological Society of America) – LTC (P) Mustapha Debboun


1900-2100     No Host Social – Mulligan’s, Building 809, Mustin Road, NAS JAX


Monday, February 12



River Cove Officers’ Club, Main Ballroom, Building 10, Mustin Road


0830-1130       Plenary Session, Moderator: CAPT S.E. Cope


0830-0835       Announcements                                                                        CAPT Cope


0835-0840      Welcome, Naval Air Station, Jacksonville                                  CAPT Chip Dobson

                                                                                                                        Commander, NAS JAX


0840-0845      Welcome and Keynote Introduction                                             COL Richard Johnson
            Executive Director, AFPMB                


0845-0920      Keynote Speaker                                                                      Mr. Alex Beehler

                                                                                                                        ADUSD (ES&OH)


0920-0950      President’s Malaria Initiative                                                      Mr. Tim Ziemer

                                                                                                                        RADM (Ret)


0950-1015      Dengue: An emerging arboviral disease                          Dr. Gary Clark

                       [ABSTRACT]     [PRESENTATION]




1015-1030       BREAK


1030                AFPMB Chair Remarks and Committee Chairs Brief (2-minute briefs),

Moderator:  Ms. S. Alvey, Chair, AFPMB

Contingency Advisory Committee –  LCDR E. Hoffman

Education and Training Committee –  MSgt (S) D. Willett

Equipment Committee –  CDR D. Szumlas

Information Management Committee –  Ms. C. Convery

Medical Entomology Committee –  LTC W. Sames

Diagnostics Subcommittee –  LTC M. O’Guinn

Natural Resources Committee –  Lt. Col. D. Burkett

Pesticides Committee –  Mr. C. Myers

Quarantine/Commodity Protection Committee –  Mr. G. Walker

Real Property Protection Committee – Mr. J. Harrison

Repellents Committee –  LTC(P) . M. Debboun

Research Committee – LTC. R. Coleman


1145                Lunch

Monday, February 12

Afternoon SessionS


River Cove Officers’ Club, Main Ball Room, Building 10, Mustin Road



1300-1450      Concurrent Session: Medical Entomology, Moderator: LTC E. Milstrey


1300-1305       Administrative   Announcements                                                LTC E. Milstrey


1305-1320       Rift Valley Fever, a Potential Emerging U.S. Disease     Dr S.C. Britch, et al.

Threat, and the Unique Contribution of CHPPM Mosquito

Surveillance Data to a GIS Early-warning System



1320-1335       The Evolution of OIF Contingency Pest Control to                    LTC J. Blow

Enduring Pest Control: The Issues and Challenges



1335-1350       DOEHS Vector Surveillance 2006, Sand Fly and                      Mr. R. Wells

                        and Mosquito Surveillance in CENTCOM



1350-1405       Malaria Surveillance in Korea                                       Dr. T. Klein, et al.



1405-1435       An Overview of Current CDC Entomology Branch                   Dr. R. Wirtz




1435-1455       Operational Entomology in Afghanistan: Leishmaniasis-  Dr. M. Faulde





BOQ Conference Center, Bldg 11, Mustin Road


1300-1450      Concurrent Session: Installation Pest Management, Moderator: Dr. H. Harlan


1300-1305       Administrative                                                                           Dr. H. Harlan


1305-1320       Use of Customized GIS for Recording Pesticide                        Mr. B. Zeichner

Application Data


1320-1340       Skin Lesions in Barracks: Consider Community-acquired          Mr. B. Pagac

Methicillin-reisistant Staphylococcus aureus Infections

instead of Spider Bites



1340-1430       Bed Bugs: A Pest Control Challenge                                         Dr. H. Harlan



1430-1455       Urban Area Mosquito Control                                      Dr. G. Brown



Committee Meetings, Session I


1500    Contingency Advisory Committee – River Cove Officers’ Club Main Ball Room – LCDR Hoffman

            Diagnostics Subcommittee – BOQ Conference Center – LTC O’Guinn

Education and Training Committee – River Cove Officers’ Club St John’s Room – MSgt(S) Willett


1700                Committee Session I adjourns


1900-2100      DoD Pesticide Applicator Certification/Re-certification Examinations - Must be enrolled in the AMEDD C&S Correspondence Course – Location BOQ Conference Room


1930-2130      AFPMB Executive Committee Meeting – Location BLDG 844, 1st Floor Conference Room

Tuesday, February 13

Morning SessionS


River Cove Officers’ Club, St John’s Room, Bldg 10, Mustin Road


0800-1145      Concurrent Session: Diagnostic Session, Moderator, LTC R. Coleman


0800-0805      Administrative                                                                           LTC R. Coleman


0805-0825      What do Vector Diagnostics do for the Deployed                      LTC R. Coleman



0825-0900       Demonstration of Hand-held VecTest Assays/Real-time            LTC M. O’Guinn, et al.

                        PCR Assays



0900-0945       Demonstration of Hand-held VecTest Assays/Real-time, CONT.


0945-1000       BREAK


1000-1020       Military West Nile Virus Surveillance: What have                      Mr. B. Pagac, et al.

                        We Learned?


1020-1040       Lessons Learned: Sand fly Surveillance during               LTC R. Coleman, et al.

                        OIF/OEF (2003-2005)



1040-1100       Field Evaluation of Real-time PCR Assays                                LTC M. O’Guinn, et al.



1100-1120       Scrub Typhus Diagnostics: What Works Best?              Dr. L. Kriangkrai, et al.



1120-1140       Diagnostic Round Table Facilitated Discussions             LTC R. Coleman


Tuesday, February 13

Morning SessionS


BOQ Conference Center, Bldg 11, Mustin Road


0800-1145       Concurrent Session:  Medical Entomology Session, Moderator: LTC(P) Debboun


0800                Administrative   Announcements                                                          LTC(P) Debboun


0800-0815       Response of Phlebotomine Sand Flies to Light               LCDR D.F. Hoel, et al.

Emitting Diode-Modified Light Traps in Southern Egypt



0815-0830       Carbon Dioxide Generation Using Limestone and Acid  LCDR B. Prendergast



0830-0845       Evaluation of Dry Ice Substitutes for Mosquito Trapping            Mr. B. Zeichner, et. al



0845-0900       Comparison of Three Sources of CO2 (Electrochemical            Dr. D. Kline

Generation, Propane Combustion and Compressed Gas

Cylinder) for Mosquito Surveillance



0900- 0915      First Look at 4-Poster Tick Control Effectiveness on     Mr. K. Neidhardt, et al.

Two DoD Facilities



0915-0930       WRBU Resources: Know the Vector, Know the Threat            Dr. L. Rueda, et al.



0930-0945       Database Resources of the Defense Pest Management Dr. R. G. Robbins

Information Analysis Center     



0945-1000       BREAK


1000-1015       Mosquito Barriers and Repellent Usage at Marine                     LCDR B. Prendergast

Corps Recruit Depot, Paris Island



1015-1030       Design, Laboratory and Field Testing of a                                 LCDR C. Stoops

Self-Supporting, Exposure-Free Bednet Trap               

for Sampling Adult Arthropod Vectors



1030-1045       High Throughput Testing for Toxic and Behavior                       Dr. G. Zollner, et al.

Modifying Chemicals against Phlebotomine Sand Flies



1045-1100       Distribution of Ticks and the Potential Impact of                        LTC W. Sames, et al.

                        Tick-borne Diseases on United States Forces in Korea



1100-1115       Surveillance and Risk Assessment of Rodent-Borne                  Dr. T. Klein, et al.

Diseases in Korea



1115-1130       Development of Integrated Control Methods for Sand   MAJ. J. Richardson

                        Fly Populations in Kenya



1130-1145       Session Conclusion                                                                   Moderator


1145                Lunch




Tuesday, February 13

Afternoon Sessions


River Cove Officers’ Club, Manatee Room, Bldg 10, Mustin Road


1200-1700       Vendor Displays

                        Note: Vendor Displays will remain open on Wed. from 0800 to 1700 hrs


NAX JAX Flight Line


1200-1600       USAF C-130 Spray System Static Display


Committee Meetings, Session II


1500                Quarantine/Commodity Protection Committee – Officers’ Club, St John’s Room – Mr. Walker

Real Property Protection Committee – BOQ Conference Center – Mr. Harrison

Repellents Committee – Officers’ Club, Main Ball Room – LTC(P) Debboun


1700                Afternoon Sessions adjourn


1800                U.S. Army Reserve Entomology Meeting - Discussions over Dinner            LTC J. Haliscak

Dress is casual.  Meet in the BOQ Conference Room, Bldg 11.



Wednesday, February 14

Morning Sessions


BOQ Conference Center, Bldg 11, Mustin Road


0800-1145      Concurrent Session: Deployed Warfighter Protection (DWFP) Research Program

Session, Moderator: Dr. G. B. White


0800-0805       DWFP Introduction                                                                  CAPT S.E. Cope

                                                                                                                        [PRESENTATION]                                                                                                                                                                                      DWFP Program Manager


0805-0815       USDA/ARS Overview                                                 Dr. D. A. Strickman

 [PRESENTATION]                                                                                    NPL-104 Program Leader


0815-0845       CAIBL Activities                                                                      Dr. M. F. Feldlaufer

 [PRESENTATION]                                                                                    Research Leader 


0845-0905       APMRU Activities                                                                    Dr. W. C. Hoffmann



0905-0945       Competitive Grants: Status Report                                            Dr. G. B. White

 [Presentation link coming soon]


0945-1000       BREAK


1000-1135       CMAVE Activities                                                                   Dr. G.G. Clark

                                                                                                                                Research Leader, et al.


Ken Linthicum - Review USDA-ARS Center for Medical, Agriculture and Veterinary Entomology (CMAVE) in the Deployed War-Fighter Protection (DWFP) Program



Julia Pridgeon - DWFP Toxicology Research to Develop Insecticides for Vector Control



Miriam Cooperband – Behavioral responses of mosquitoes to toxicants



Brian Quinn - Protecting Military Personnelby Controlling Host-Seeking Arthropods



Ulrich Bernier – Progress in DWFP and related research



Daniel Kline – Alternative Application Technology



Christopher Geden - Evaluation of insecticide-treated visual targets for flies



1135-1145       DWFP Wrap-Up                                                                     CAPT S.E. Cope



Wednesday, February 14

Morning Sessions


River Cove Officers’ Club, St John’s Room, Bldg 10, Mustin Road


0800-1145      Concurrent Session:  Non-Native Invasive Species, Moderator: Dr. P. Egan


0800                Administrative   Announcements                                               Dr. P. Egan


0800-0845       Crop Biosecurity and Emergency Management              Dr. O. El-Lissy



0845-0930       An Invasive Species Early Detection Rapid Assessment             Ms A. Simpson

and Response National Framework



0930-0945       Developing Bid Specifications for Invasive Plant Control            Mr. S. Manning

Programs on Military Installations



0945-1000       BREAK


1000-1025       Legacy Resource Management Program                                   Mr. P. Morales

[ABSTRACT]     [PRESENTATION]               


1025-1050       DoD’s Corporate R&D Program Tackles Invasive Species       Ms A. Dalsimer



1050-1110       Innovative Tools for the Transfer of Invasive Plant                     Mr. M.J. Grodowitz, et al.

                        Management Technology



1110-1125       Use of Remote Sensing with Geographic Information     Dr. J. Bean, et al.

Systems to Optimize Management Strategies for Invasive

Plant Control



11125-1140     Review of Clearcast® (imazamox): A Reduced Risk     Mr. A. Burns, et al.

Herbicide for Control of Aquatic and Wetland Invasive




1145                Lunch


Wednesday, February 14

Afternoon Sessions


BOQ Conference Center, Bldg 11, Mustin Road


1300-1450      Concurrent Session: Filth Fly Session, Moderators: CDR D. Szumlas/Dr.J. Hogsette


1300-1305       Administrative   Announcements                                   CDR D. Szumlas


1305-1320       Carrion Fly and Disease Vector Activity Associated with           LTJG D. England

a Decomposing Corpse



1320-1335       Preliminary Field Evaluations of Commercially Available            CDR D. Szumlas

Filth Fly Traps



1335-1350       Fly Trapping and Control in Arid Environments             Dr. J. Hogsette



1350-1410       Techniques for Evaluating Insecticide Resistance in Filth Dr. P. Kauffman




1410-1430       New Attractants in Fly Trapping and Control                Dr. C. Geden



1430-1450       New Fly Control Technologies                                      Dr. P. Koehler



1450-1452       Concluding Remarks                                                                 Moderators



River Cove Officers’ Club, St John’s Room, Bldg 10, Mustin Road


1300-1450      Concurrent Session: Natural Resources, Moderator: Lt. Col. D.  Burkett


1300-1305       Administrative   Announcements                                    Lt. Col. D. Burkett


1300-1315       Computer Based Pest Management Activity Reporting  Mr. J. Bresnahan



1315-1330             Evaluation of Advion, a New Indoxacarb-based Bait     LT. B. Furman

Developed for Control of the Red Imported Fire Ant



1330-1345       Introduction of a New Dupont Bare Ground Herbicide.             Mr. J. D. Cantlon, et al.



1345-1400             Downy Brome (Bromus tectorum) and Medusahead                Mr. R.G. Turner, et al.

(Taeniatherum caput-meduseae) Control with different

Dupont Herbicides



1400-1415             Salt Cedar (Tamarix ramosissima) Control and                       Mr. J. Pitts, et al.

Management with different DuPont Herbicide




1415-1430       Aerial Application of Herbicides on DoD Ranges for     Capt K. Haagsma, et al.

Control of Invasive and Noxious weeds



1430-1445       Agricultural Aerial Spraying in a Combat Zone: Control LTC J. Blow

                        of the Dubas Bug (Ommatissus lybicus) in Date Palms in




1445-1500       Concluding Remarks                                                                 Lt. Col. D. Burkett


Committee Meetings, Session III


Equipment Committee – BOQ Conference Center – CDR Szumlas


Research Committee – Officers’ Club, Main Ball Room – LTC Coleman


Natural Resources Committee – Officers’ Club, St John’s Room – Lt Col Burkett


1700     Committees adjourn


River Cove Officers’ Club, Main Ballroom, Building 10, Mustin Road


1800-1900       No Host Social – Main Ball Room

1900                Banquet, Main Ballroom


Speaker:  Dr. G. Miller; “Bad Bread and Battlefield: An Epic Struggle with Insects during the American Civil War”


Menu:  Reef & Beef Buffet with a Chicken Twist - Salad w/house dressing – Crab Legs – Steamed Shrimp – Seafood Newberg – Roast Beef – Chicken Marsala – Garden Veggie – Rice or Potato – Rolls – Iced Tea – Coffee – and Desert Cake.


Thursday, February 15

Morning Sessions


0800-1145       Army Medical Entomology Session – River Cove Officers’ Club, Main Ballroom, Bldg 10, Mustin Road, Moderator: COL T. Logan


0800-0815       Session Opening                                                             COL T. Logan


0815-0915       HRC Update                                                                 MAJ K. LeFrancis



0915-0935       BREAK (20 Minutes)


0935-1035       Update on Preventive Medicine Doctrine,                     LTC T. Delk/MAJ C. Miller

Organization, and Materiel Issues at the Directorate

of Combat Development



1035-1050       Current Status and Impact of Army Transformation       LTC W. Sames

on Army Medical Entomology in Korea



1050-1145       Military Medical Entomology                                        COL Logan

                        Round Table Facilitated Discussion


0800-1145       Army Installation/Installation Support Session – BOQ Conference Center, Building 11, Mustin Road, Moderators: Dr. Edward S. Evans, Jr. Program Manager, US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine, Entomological Sciences Program, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD and Ms. Sandra Alvey, USAEC Senior Pest Management Consultant, US Army Environmental Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground,  MD


0800-0815       USACHPPM Pest Management Program Overview                 Dr. E. Evans



0815-0830       AMEDD C&S Training and Certification Overview                   LTC(P) M. Debboun



0830-0845       ODEP Overview                                                                      Mr. J. Tarnopol



0845-0900       USAEC Pest Management Overview                                        Ms. S. Alvey



0900-0915       IPM-in-CDC Initiative                                                  Mr. T. Green



0915-0925       Fort Lewis IPM-in-CDC Initiative                                            Mr. F. Harrison



0925-0945       BREAK


0945-1000       Pest Management Issues with Re-locatable Buildings     Mr. J. Spohn



1000-1015       Performance Based Contracting Initiative                                  Ms. C.E. Convery



1015-1030       GIS/GPS Initiative                                                                    Mr. B. Zeichner



1030-1045       USDA Update & Range Sustainability                          Dr. H. Bolton



1045-1100       EPA Program Overview                                                           Mr. S. Hopkins




1100-1145       Round Table Facilitated Discussions                                          Dr. E. Evans/Ms S. Alvey




Self Help Program Issues

Training & Certification (Food Service Sanitation?) Issues

Repellents in Child Development Centers (CDCs)

Aerial Spray Procedures



BRAC/Joint Basing

Program Funding (FOM, COLS, CLS)

Distance Learning Demonstration


0800-1145       Air Force Entomology Session – Officers’ Club, St John’s Room

Moderators: Col. J. Swaby/ Mr. W. Fordham


0800                Welcome and Introduction of Attendees                                    Col J. Swayby /Mr. W. Fordham


0805-0820       EPA Update                                                                             Mr. S. Hopkins



0820-0830       AFPMB Update                                                                       Lt. Col. S. Spradling


0830-0840       HQ USAF Natural Resources Update                                      Lt Col D. Burkett



0840-0905       Future Role for 3E4X3s/Training Update                                  MSgt Delaney/TSgt Willett



0905-0920       Break and Photo Time


0920-0940       Invasive Species Control Opportunities in SPACECOM           Ms. M. Anderson



0940-1000       Air Force Pest Management Program                                       Mr. W. Fordham



1000-1145       Active Duty Career Field Update                                              Col J. Swaby



1145                Adjourn


0800-1145       Navy Entomology Session – NECE Class Room, Moderators: CAPT M.

Beavers/CDR S. Rankin



1.      Forward Deployable Preventive Medicine Unit

2.      Marine Corps Support

3.      Service Specific Platforms/Capabilities/Equipment/Training

a.       Army (overview)

b.      Air Force (overview)

4.      Navy Disease Vector Capabilities Review Discussion (group)

5.      Navy Disease Vector Equipment Review Discussion (group)

6.      Navy Disease Vector Training Review Discussion (group)


0800-1145       Navy Applied Biology Session – Conference Room, First Floor, Bldg 844, Mustin Road, Moderator: Ms S. Bartku


1145                Lunch

Thursday, February 15

Afternoon Sessions


River Cove Officers Club, St Johns Room, Bldg 10, Mustin Road


1300-1500       Concurrent Session: Bird/Feral Animal/Rodent Control Session

Moderator: LTC S. Horosko


1300                Administrative Announcements                                      LTC S. Horosko


1300-1320                    Rodent Control: New Products/Pest Management              Mr. J. Ford     

Industry Update                       


1320-1340       Use of GIS Software to Record Trap/Bait Stations                    Mr. B. Zeichner

                        Placement and Servicing



1340-1440             Bird Control United Bird & Bat Control LLC Bird                     Mr. T. Lafforthun, et al.

Barrier North America



1440-1445       Feral Animal Control Round Table Discussion               Moderator


1445-1500       Session Conclusion


BOQ Conference Center, Bldg 11, Mustin Road


1300-1500       Concurrent Session:  Medical Entomology; Moderator: Maj M. Pomerinke


1300-1305       Administrative Announcements                                      Maj M. Pomerinke


1305-1320       Current Equipment Evaluation Projects at the Navy       Dr. T.W. Walker

                        Entomology Center of Excellence (NECE), NAS JAX

                        Jacksonville, FL                                               



1320-1345       Rift Valley Fever, 2006/2007 Outbreak in Kenya                      MAJ J. Richardson



1345-1400       Effects of Scorpion Envenomation from Androctonus   CPT S. Garvin

 crassicauda: A Personal Experience 



1400-1415       IPM in a Medical Treatment Facility                                          Mr. J. Nelson



1415-1430       Environmental Site Assessments of Hospital Pest                       LT. K. Barbara

                        Management Programs as Part of a Humanitarian

Assistance Mission to Medically Underserved Regions

                        of Southeast Asia



1430-1455       Risk Assessments for Exposure of Deployed Military    Dr. R. K.D. Peterson, et al.

                        Personnel to Insecticides used for Personal Protection

                        and Disease-vector Management



1455-1500       Session Conclusion                                                                   Moderator


Committee Meetings, Session IV


1500               Information Management Committee – Officers’ Club, St John’s Room – Ms. Convery

           Medical Entomology Committee – BOQ Conference Center – LTC Sames

           Pesticides Committee – Officers’ Club, Main Ball Room – Mr. Myers


1700               Committee Session IV adjourns



Friday, February 1

BOQ Conference Center


0830-1145      184th Meeting of the Armed Forces Pest Management Board – Ms Sandra Alvey,

            Chair, AFPMB and Mr. Don Teig, Vice Chair, AFPMB


1200                Adjourn