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Technical Guides

As a unit of the AFPMB, ISD (Information Services Division) collects, stores and disseminates published and unpublished information on arthropod vectors and pests, natural resources, and environmental biology important to the DoD.  Other ISD products include country- or region-specific Disease Vector Ecology Profiles (DVEPs).  All TGs and DVEPs are available at the AFPMB Web site.
Most TGs are guidance on specific pest management and disease vector control topics designed to help rather than enforce, and are not DoD policy.  However, those cited in DoD policy issuances do carry the weight of DoD policy.  DoD pest management policies may be found in DoD Instruction 4715.1, "Environmental Security," DoD Instruction 4150.7, "DoD Pest Management Program," other DoD directives and instructions, and implementing component directives/instructions/ regulations.
Inquiries, comments or suggestions for improving TGs may be directed to the Chief, ISD, at (301) 295-7476, FAX (301) 295-7473.