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Process for Acquiring a National Stock Number (NSN) in the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Supply System (Pesticide Products Only)

Soldier sleeping on humveeThank you for your query regarding the possible incorporation of your pesticide product into the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Supply System and receiving a National Stock Number (NSN).  It is important to note that in the event an NSN is assigned to your product, such assignment does not constitute any obligation by the DoD or U.S. Government to procure, or promise to procure, your product.  If you are looking for Federal contracted business information, it is suggested that you go to the Federal Business Opportunities website at
In accordance with DoD policy, installations and commands may purchase pest management materiel (e.g., pesticides, repellents, surveillance and control equipment, etc.) from the DoD Supply System or local sources when local purchase is in the best interest of the Government (Subpart 208.7003-1 of the Defense Federal Acquisition Supplement).  For local purchases, such requests for pest management materiel must be pre-approved by the DoD installation’s Pest Management Professional.  These individuals are responsible for approving the procurement and use of all pest management materiel on their respective DoD installations.  These items may be procured locally if they are needed in an emergency, are required due to unique local conditions or are used in quantities so small that assignment of an NSN is not feasible.  Therefore, your product does not necessarily need to have an NSN for it to be used on a DoD installation.
If you still wish to pursue an NSN assignment for your product, the Armed Forces Pest Management Board (AFPMB) is responsible for reviewing and approving NSN assignment requests for all pest management materiel into the DoD Supply System by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).  The DLA only submits actions for pest management material that have received this AFPMB approval.  If the individual Services (i.e., Army, Navy and Air Force) recommend revision or deletion of pest management materiel from the supply system, such recommendations are first submitted to the AFPMB for review and approval.   The AFPMB’s decision to stock or delete pest management materiel relies on scientific and technical data from all available government, academic and commercial sources.  
The specific processes described below only pertain to companies requesting NSNs for their pesticide products.  For other pest management items such as equipment, diagnostics, repellents, etc., please contact the AFPMB Webmaster. In accordance with DoD policy and guidelines, all potential pesticide products must be evaluated by the AFPMB Pesticides Committee.  The Committee then provides its recommendations to the AFPMB Council and Executive Committee for review and approval.  Of note, the Pesticides Committee normally evaluates a product for a new NSN only when it is considered to: (1) Be more effective than what is already in the DoD Supply System; (2) Cost significantly less than what is already in the System; or (3) Provide a unique capability that is not already in the System.
The Pesticides Committee only considers those pesticides registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or possessing EPA 25(b) exemptions.  Since there are DoD installations located across the U.S., your product will have a higher likelihood of receiving approval if it is registered throughout the country.  However, if you have a product that is only registered in a few states or is scheduled to be registered by the EPA very soon, please contact the AFPMB Pesticides Committee ex officio.  
There are two ways to get your product before the Pesticides Committee for review:  (1) Working directly with a local DoD Pest Management Professional; or (2) Submitting a request through the AFPMB website (  
Working Directly with a Local DoD Pest Management Professional:
The AFPMB Pesticides Committee evaluation process can be initiated by a DoD Pest Management Professional (military or civilian) who submits a formal Issue Paper to the Committee.  These DoD Pest Management Professionals are usually assigned to individual DoD installations or regions.  Since the Issue Paper delineates the reason(s) why the product in question would benefit the DoD, the Issue Paper cannot be prepared or submitted by the company who owns or has interest in the product.  (However, the company owning the rights to the product may be requested to provide supporting data to assist in the AFPMB’s review and approval processes.  This is described below in further detail.)  At a minimum, the Issue Paper identifies the product; describes its intended use; and provides efficacy data, the EPA label and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).  Click here to see the basic format for the Issue Paper.  Issue Papers are submitted to the AFPMB Pesticides Committee ex officio where they are reviewed for completeness and forwarded to the Committee Chair for presentation to the entire Committee.
Submitting a Request Through the AFPMB Website:
This process largely depends on you, the company, to provide the information requested on the application.  A preview of the application is available in PDF format so you can see all of the data that are required by the AFPMB Pesticides Committee.  To proceed, click on the "Start your NSN application now" link listed below and fill out the information requested. Once all items on the application are filled in and submitted, you will receive an automatic e-mail stating that the information has been forwarded to an AFPMB representative.  This individual will then review the material for completeness and determine if additional information is necessary.   If additional information is needed, the AFPMB representative will identify which application items require expansion.  The maximum amount of time to submit the additional information is 60 days from receipt of the AFPMB’s request for that information.  However, exceptions can be made for extenuating circumstances (e.g., collection of efficacy data from a third party) but only with the prior approval of the Pesticides Committee ex officio.  

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After the Application is Certified by the AFPMB as Complete:
Once everything is deemed complete by the AFPMB representative, the AFPMB will forward the information to the Senior Pest Management Consultant of each Service (i.e., the Army, Navy and Air Force) for review.  Each Senior Pest Management Consultant will then assess the need for the product within their respective Service.  If a need is identified, a formal Issue Paper will be generated by one of the Senior Pest Management Consultants, or their designee, and submitted to the AFPMB Pesticides Committee.  The Senior Pest Management Consultants will have a maximum of 90 days to determine whether an Issue Paper should be generated or if the product should be rejected as unsuitable for consideration for an NSN. Once a decision is rendered, the AFPMB will immediately inform you of the result by either e-mail or phone.  
The Pesticides Committee and the Product Evaluation Process:
The Pesticides Committee may elect to evaluate only the Issue Paper and, in the case of electronic submissions, the information provided on the AFPMB website as described above.  The Committee may also invite the company to give a presentation on its product at one of the AFPMB’s regularly scheduled biannual meetings.  If invited, any company expenses related to the event will be the sole responsibility of the company.  In addition, the company's representatives will only be present at the Committee meeting for the time they are providing their product information. If the Pesticides Committee recommends the product for an NSN, the recommendation will be forwarded to the AFPMB Council for approval. The AFPMB Council votes at scheduled meetings, or it may vote on-line between the scheduled meetings. If approved by the AFPMB Council, the recommendation is reviewed by the AFPMB Executive Committee.  If the Executive Committee approves the recommendation, a letter is generated by the AFPMB requesting that the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) assign an NSN.  The company point of contact will be informed by the AFPMB Pesticides Committee ex officio once an NSN is assigned.  
If you have specific questions regarding any part of this process, you may e-mail the Pesticides Committee ex officio or call the AFPMB at 301-295-7476.