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Information Services Division


The Information Services Division collects, stores, and disseminates information on animals and plants that impact the Department of Defense mission.  Information is concentrated on disease carriers such as mosquitoes, sand flies, ticks, and fleas, since these have been most important.
The Information Services Division is the information and communication service of the Armed Forces Pest Management Board (AFPMB).  The Information Services Division, originally the Military Entomology Information Service, was established in 1962 under the Armed Forces Pest Control Board, the forerunner of what is now the AFPMB.  The Information Services Division staff consists of commissioned military entomologists from each branch of the armed services and one civilian entomologist. 
The Information Services Division personnel index, analyze, summarize and disseminate information on natural resources management; environmental biology; and the biology, ecology, geographic distribution, taxonomy and control of vectors and pests. Areas covered include epidemiology and control of vector-borne diseases; stored product pests; structural pests; vector/pest surveillance; chemical and biological control; toxicological information on selected pesticides and other chemicals; poisonous or venomous plants and animals; marine fouling organisms; biology and control of plant pests of turf, forests and landscape; fish and wildlife management; grounds maintenance; and conservation of natural resources.