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Welcome to Armed Forces Pest Management Board

Contingency/Deployment & Operations

We provide support to DoD personnel on any pest management issue in any situation.  We also provide rapid accurate responses to questions regarding all aspects of pest management and maintain the website to meet the needs of our customers. Find a resource now

Living Hazards Database

The Living Hazards Database (LHD) is a comprehensive compilation of more than 500 species worldwide, which are reported to cause serious injury or death of humans.  Read more

Deployed War-Fighter Protection (DWFP) Program

The Deployed War-Fighter Protection research program (DWFP) is an initiative to develop and validate novel methods to protect United States Military deployed abroad from threats posed by disease-carrying insects.  Read more

Technical Guides

As a unit of the AFPMB, ISD (Information Services Division) collects, stores and disseminates published and unpublished information on arthropod vectors and pests, natural resources, and environmental biology important to the DoD.
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Pesticide Application Resources

This page provides descriptions of available spray application equipment and characteristics of droplets produced by these machines under various application conditions. In addition, there is an analysis of the suitability of this equipment for different application conditions. You can also view frequently asked questions or contact the DoD Equipment Helpdesk.   Go to Pesticide Application Resources

Disease Vector Ecology Profiles

Disease Vector Ecology Profiles (DVEPs) summarize unclassified literature on medically important arthropods, vertebrates and plants that may adversely affect troops in specific countries or regions of the world.   Read more

Vector Identification Resources

Walter Reed Biosystematics  provides links to vector identification resources including The Mosquito Catalog, Lucid identification keys to medically important mosquitoes, tutorials on the basics of identifying adult and larval mosquitoes as well as relevant taxonomic literature. You can also find a link to VectorMap, an online repository for biosurveillance data containing georeferenced  mosquito, sand fly, tick, mite, flea and host/ reservoir collection records. In addition to occurrence data, VectorMap also displays habitat suitability models for many important vectors and environmental data related to vector ecology.

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